V6 Heatsink Upgraded. 1.75mm Bowden/Direct, Compatible w/ e3d


Upgrade or repair your V6 Hotend with this upgraded V6 Heatsink! The new design for the V6 Heatsink can be configured for long distance (Bowden) or direct drive. With the new embedded coupler that can be used as a Bowden pneumatic connector or a direct drive,  you decrease the weight of your hotend over the traditional pneumatic connector made of steel and plastic. Every gram of weight on on your hotend affects the quality and speed of your prints. With this upgraded V6 heatsink you can print better and faster. This upgraded design is significantly less bulky of the previous v6 and v5 versions. 
This product comes complete with the embedded bowden coupler installed in the heatsink.
Compatible with e3d hotends.

Package includes your choice of
1x, 2x or 3x V6 heatsink(s)


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