Best V6 Silicone Socks For Insulation We\’ve Found

June 7, 2019 By 0

e3d as any 3D printer maven knows, makes fantastic and creative products at the cutting edge of our technology. However frankly their standard design for the Silicone Socks for insulation on the V6 Hotends suck. They don\’t fit well, tend to come partially free on a regular basis and at their worse will fall off and potentially ruin a print if you aren\’t watching.

Which is why we are excited to offer this new design of insulating silicone sock we found. Fully tested on one of our CR-10 printers, it fits tight, stays tight and doesn\’t fall off. Just wish we could find ones similar in usability for the V6 High Temperature or PT100 heater blocks.


Silicone sock features:

  • Compatible with E3D V6 hotends using the traditional glass bead thermistor and Chinese V6 clones.
  • Durable and capable of working long time without replacement, will not get loose or come off.
  • Helps to stabilize printing temperature and reduces heat radiation.
  • Faster heat-up.
  • Cleaner heater block.
  • Safe to touch when heated up, will not burn your fingers.

    Ready to purchase, the V6 socks compatible with e3d Hotends available in the store.