Ender 5 Falling Bed Solution

February 13, 2020 By britech3d@gmail.com 0

Does your Ender 5 print bed fall after the Nema 17 stepper motors are shut down? The reason this happens is that Creality 3D uses a T8x8 Lead Screw on the Ender 5. T8 means 8mm round. The second 8 stands for the lead or how far the nut will travel in one full turn of the screw, which in this case is 8mm. When the Nema 17 stepper motors shut down, there is nothing holding the screw fixed in place, so the weight of the bed and the standard brass nut causes the screw to turn and the bed will fall either 8mm, the distance it traveled in the last screw rotation or all the way back to the bottom if the nut is too loose.
The solution: Swap out the T8x8 lead screw for a T8x2 lead screw. One full rotation of the screw and the nut only travels 2mm. So not as far to drop and the weight can\’t build up that much spin in the screw. The anti-backlash nut is also stronger at holding the bed\’s position on the screw when the motors are off. Transfering the weight into the spring and not into spinning the lead screw.
This swap also gives you an added benefit, more microsteps! Which lead to better and more accurate prints. The stock T8x8 lead screw travels the nut, as stated, 8mm with one turn of the screw. That is a large distance when you are talking about thin layers of plastic. Replacing it with a lead screw that only travels 2mm per rotation and you can see how much more accurate your prints will be. Your micro steps go from only 400 with the stock lead screw to 1600 with the replacement T8x2!
We available what you need the T8x2 Lead Screw and brass anti-backlash nut in our product listings here!
Want to decrease noise from your printer? Consider upgrading to the Delrin (Pom) Anit-Backlash nut! The self lubricating nut made from Delrin plastic, also known as POM travels silently up and down your lead screw.