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Determining The Lead of Your Lead Screw

April 5, 2020 By britech3d@gmail.com 0

I\’ve noticed there is quite a problem with people determining the type of lead screw they have. They\’ll think they have a T8x2, order a replacement nut or anti-backlash nut or Delrin nut and it won\’t fit their screw. Usually this leads to a message…

Ender 5 Falling Bed Solution

February 13, 2020 By britech3d@gmail.com 0

Ender 5 has a problem with it\’s print bed falling when the Nema 17 Motors are shut down.
Reason: The stock T8x8 Lead screw and brass lead screw nut travels too far in one turn, 8mm.
Solution: Swap stock lead screw for t8x2 with brass anti-backlash nut.