V6 Silicone Socks, Heater Block Insulation, Glass Thermistor


V6 Hotend Silicone Socks for Glass Thermistor Heater Block, Color Blue or Black, 3 Pieces
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V6 Hotend Silicone Socks for Glass Thermistor Heater Block, Blue or Black, 3 Pieces

  • Keeps heater block temperatures stable and not fluctuating.
  • Filament does not stick, keeps Nozzle and heater block clean of filament
  • Installs in seconds, no more Kapton tape to mess with, or worry about cutting holes properly into insulation sheets for the throat.
    Compatible with genuine or cloned e3d heater blocks.

Temperature up to 290-300°C
Material: Silicone
Product detailed size: 19x19x13
For use with 3D printer hotends.
Color: Random combinations of Blue, Black, White or Pink
For use with hotends using glass thermistors and not the cartridge.

Package Included:
3 x Silicone socks
If you are looking for V6 Silicone Socks that fit the PT100 Thermistor Cartridge, see our other listing.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions N/A

Black, Blue, Pink, Random, White


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