V6 / Volcano Heatbreak, Bowden Pass Through, 1.75, Compatible w/ e3d Hotends


In our opinion the v6 heatbreaks with the ptfe tube already inserted are crap. When assembled the filament has to jump from the bowden ptfe tube to the ptfe insert in the heatbreak. What would be better? One continuous tube all the way to the top of the nozzle. And that is exactly what these Heatbreaks for. The continuous tube and smooth interior surface of the PTFE tube  decreases the chances of clogs, over that or solid metal throats.
If you use Capricorn or our high temperature Britech Blue PTFE Bowden tubing you can run higher temperature requiring filaments without changing to a steel or titanium throat, up to 280 before outgassing from the PTFE starts. 300 degrees for short time periods.

  • Bowden PTFE passes through the heatbreak and throat into the melt zone, at the top of the nozzle. Great with high temp Britech Blue Bowden
  • Far fewer chances of jams, like with stainless steel all metal heatbreaks


Compatible with e3d V6 Hotend and Volcano Hotend.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in

1 Heatbreak (throat), 2 Heatbreaks (throats), 3 Heatbreaks (throats)


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