Titan Extruder Clone Variations Cause Problems With Aero Hotend Upgrade

August 28, 2018 By britech3d@gmail.com 0

It is common for Chinese product knockoffs to be lower in quality or altered in some way. For makers creating in the 3d printing world, we know that hotend throats can be less smooth than they need to be. Parts the wrong size etc. What we hadn\’t encountered at BriTech 3D was a random non-sensical alteration to the e3d Titan Extruder clones and the faceplate\’s mounting holes. The reason for this post is because this wreaks havoc if you are intending to purchase an Aero Heatsink for your Titan Extruder and use it as a direct drive / hotend, frankly one of the coolest direct drives on the market. We discovered this because a customer purchased a Titan from someone else and an Aero Heatsink from us.
The Titan Extruders to watch out for are the BIQU clones. Pictured above with the blue circle around the mounting hole they have moved about 3mm upward from where e3d designed it to be. But guess what, BIQU offers a clone of the Aero Heatsink and those are the ones we sell, but they don\’t fit their own Titan Extruder! What we can tell from talking to a few factories that make the AERO in China, the Aeros are all made based exactly on the e3d design for the part, there are none that will fit on the BIQU Titan clone. We don\’t know if this is a recent change to the BIQU Titan or if they have always been like this. Emails sent to BIQU haven\’t been answered.
The other brand that we do recommend if you are going with an Aero heatsink/hotend is Winsinn, they are designed to the e3d specifications. However, they are more expensive. A look at Chinese dealers reveals that the BIQUs on places like Aliexpress and BangGood are selling cheaper than the Winsinn Titan Extruder clones. So if you buy from one of them and not Britech 3D, look closely at the images of the face plate and notice where the screws are if you intend at any point to go with the Titan Aero setup.
At Britech 3d we do offer both version s of the Titan Extruder, so if you are looking for just the extruder we have the BIQU Titan Extruder in stock. If you want the Aero now or at sometime in the future, we\’ve got the Winsinn Titans that will fit the Aero Hotend.