Determining The Lead of Your Lead Screw

April 5, 2020 By 0

I\’ve noticed there is quite a problem with people determining the type of lead screw they have. They\’ll think they have a T8x2, order a replacement nut or anti-backlash nut or Delrin nut and it won\’t fit their screw. Usually this leads to a message…

Ender 5 Falling Bed Solution

February 13, 2020 By 0

Ender 5 has a problem with it\’s print bed falling when the Nema 17 Motors are shut down.
Reason: The stock T8x8 Lead screw and brass lead screw nut travels too far in one turn, 8mm.
Solution: Swap stock lead screw for t8x2 with brass anti-backlash nut.

The Words On My Print Didn\’t Print.

November 22, 2018 By 0

We have been hit a few times from purchasers about why something on the thing they are trying wasn\’t printed when the 3D Printer got done. Many times it is words they have raised up on the surface. If there isn\’t an error in the…

Xuron Shears 170 II, Hobby Shears

January 8, 2018 By 0

Now in stock! The Creality CR-10 line of 3D printers come with a pair of Xuron Shears 170 II. At Britech, we are proud to now be carrying this USA made hobby shear. The angled blades allow easier view of object being cut. These shears…