V6 Hotend Titanium Heatbreak (Throat)


Compatible with V6 Hotends, Volcano Hotends, Artiller Sidewinder and e3d hotends.

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One of the most annoying problems with hotends is thermal creep, that leads to clogs and under extrusion. Heat creep is when the heat radiating from the heater block starts to go up the heatbreak (Throat) and high into the heatsink at a rate where the heatsink can\’t radiate it out into the air fast enough. The extra heat in the heatsink leads to melted plastic that can lead to under extrusion at best and an annoying clog at worst.  Titanium has a lower thermal conductivity rate than does aluminum or steel. The lower thermal conductivity prevents excess amounts of heat to transfer up the heatbreak into the heatsink while also lowering energy requirements to the heater block at the proper temps. (But this is a minimal benefit at best) the main benefit being reducing the amount of heat needed to be dissipated by the heatsink.
    • Machined Titanium Heatbreak (Titanium Alloy TC4)
    •  Finely Finished Polished  Bore 1.75
    • Compatible with  e3d V6 & Volcano Hotends
    • M7 Heatsink Threads
    • M6 Heater Block Threads
    • Titanium\’s Lower Thermal Conductivity resulting in Less Heat Creep
    • Only for 1.75 filament V6 style hotends.

Compare to e3d branded titanium throat / heatbreak at around $40.00!

Package includes choice of 1 or 2 Titanium Heat Breaks

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in

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