PTFE Teflon Tubing for Bowden Printers – 2 Meters


Material: Teflon
Color: white/black/red/blue/orange/transparent
Temperature Range: -180 +250C
Density: 2.10 2.30g/am3
Tensile Strength: >18Mpa
Break Eongation: 230%

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PTFE / Teflon pneumatic (air) tubing, color white.
Commonly also used as bowden tubing (filament guide for 3D printers where the extruder drive assembly is located some distance from the hotend). 2mm/4mm tubing is used for 1.75mm filament (such as V6 hotends – which we sell). Please verify the size you need by measuring your parts or consulting specifications available online – we don’t know the proper diameter for every possible equipment combination.

Selected length will be delivered as one continuous piece of tubing. You will always receive AT LEAST the length you order, but it will likely not be exact (we typically allow a few cm extra to ensure you aren’t being short changed, but if you need a precise length you may need to cut to fit).

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 1 in


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