M3 Brass Inserts


M3 Brass Threaded Heat Set Inserts for Plastic 3D Printing Metal Nuts

For 3D prints, create more convenient and professional parts that easily screw together, held by metal and not plastic.

Create a dimensionally slightly smaller hole in your print that the size of the inserts (5mm (L) and 4mm (OD)) to allow the plastic to flow into the insert’s fins when heated. Heat the insert with a soldering iron and firmly push into place while the plastic melts. The slight taper and small fins of the inserts produce an extremely strong bond when the plastic flows into them.

Rather than adjust designs around the limitations of 3D printing (supports, print bed size, etc), divide your parts into separate components that fasten using these inserts and machine screws. Not only does this give you greater flexibility when designing a part, but also allows you to re-print only failed components rather than full assemblies – saving time and money.

These are threaded M3.
Length is 5mm while the Outer Diameter is 4.2mm

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Building a Railcore II XL? These are the M3 Inserts listed on the BOM. If you don’t want the recommended 100 we also sell in quantity of 50.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in

100 Pack, 50 Pack


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