V6 Volcano Hotend PT100 Design w/ Titanium Heatbreak, Bowden or Direct!


Speed up your 3D printer with this upgraded version of the Volcano V6 Hotend! This kit is outfitted with the latest and best heatsink design that allows you to use it as a bowden or direct feed hotend. No more need for a pneumatic connector, it\’s built right in. This has the benefit of lowering the weight of the hotened, drastically allowing you to print faster, ifyou want. And print high temperature plastics with no problems as this heater block is designed for the PT100 thermistor or NTXC 3950 high temp cartridge thermistor, allowing you to exceed the temps where the standard glass bead thermistor dies.
Our Volcano Hotend Kit comes with 2 heatbreaks the traditional bowden 4.1 Heat Break or a Titanium Heat Break! Our 4.1 Heat Break inserts the Bowden tube all the way down to the top of the Nozzle. This is preferable over the heat breaks that are already lined with a ptfe tube you traditionally see since there is no break in the ptfe tube till you hit the nozzle. Meaning less chance of clogs form miss-matched tube cuts. This configuration works great with standard ABS, PETg and PLA filaments.Are you looking to print with high temperature or abrasive filaments? Then the Titanium Heat Break is the one you\’ll want to use! But why Titanium over the steel heat breaks? It\’s all about the Heat. Steel is a fantastic conductor of heat and when using a steel heatbreak in your hotend the steel conducts a lot of the heat upward into the radiator. This can lead to heat creep into the upper filament path and cause a clog. Also it reduces the efficiency of the heater block requiring the 3D printer to use more power to retain heat down where needed to keep the plastic flow consistent.

Titanium on the other hand is not a good conductor of heat. Heat will still radiate upward with titanium, but heat creep on high temp plastics are less likely and your heater cartridge won\’t have to work as hard to maintain a consistent temp in the heater block. Our Volcano kit gives you the best of worlds, easy to use bowden configuration and titanium, the best for the more difficult plastics!
Customize your Volcano Hotend Kit!

Your choice of 12v 40w heater cartridge or superior high quality 12v 50w cartridge. (Make sure you power supply can handle the additional wattage.)
Your choice of brass or steel nozzles.
1.75mm Volcano hotend.  Complete setup to take your 3D Printer to the next level, laying down plastic fast and thick. Item shipped from the Midwest so you will get your order fast with FREE same day shipping.  On Thingiverse you can find a selection of mounts to fit your specific printer for using e3d hotends. Parts compatible with e3d hotends and extruders.

Hotend Kit Includes
2x Heat Breaks (throats) 1 Titanium, 1 PTFE tube (Bowden goes through the throat to the top of the Nozzle, which reduces the chance of clogs).
1x Aluminum heat sink (radiator)
1x Volcano Aluminum Heater Block. Multiple configurations possible.
1x Pneumatic Connector.
1x 30mm 12v Fan With Blue Shroud
1x NTC 3950 1% 100K ohm Thermistor cartridge
1x Bowden tube 1 meter
1x Silicone Sock Insulation
Config 1
Hotend Kit Plus
5 Brass Nozzles .4, .6, .8, 1.0, 1.2
12v40w Heater Cartridge
Config 2
Hotend Kit Plus
5 Steel Nozzles .4, .6, .8, 1.0, 1.2
12v40w Heater CartridgeConfig 3
Hotend Kit Plus
5 Brass Nozzles .4, .6, .8, 1.0, 1.2
24v40w Heater Cartridge
Config 4
Hotend Kit Plus
5 Steel Nozzles .4, .6, .8, 1.0, 1.2
24v40w Heater Cartridge


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Config 1, Config 2, Config 3, Config 4


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