Titan Aero Upgrade 1.75mm Filament


Take the Titan Extruder and mount this upgrade to create a super compact direct drive with a compact V6 heater block, based on. Our upgrade kit comes with not only the extruder radiator upgrade but a Machined Titanium V6 1.75  heatsink and heater block. The Titan Aero will also work with the V6 volcano heat block. Please note you will also be re-using a number of your v6 Hotend parts such as heater and thermistor, Or you can buy new from BriTech 3D.

The Titan Aero is compatible with Genuine and some clone e3d Titan Extruders. Not all Cloned extruders are compatible with this. If you own a Chinese Titan Extruder please see our blog entry about which Chinese Extruders are compatible.



You choose Heater Block Type:
V1 Standard Glass Bead Thermistor or V2 PT100 High Temperature (cartridge Thermistor)

Package Includes
Qty: 1 Kit
Titanium Heat Break
Aero Heatsink (1.75mm)
4 x Fan Screws
40x40x10mm Fan (12V or 24V) w/Molex Cable connector

Additional information


12V, 24V

Heater Block V1 (Glass Bead Thermistor) or V2 (PT100)

V1 Heater Block, V2 Heater Block


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