Heater Cartridge 12v or 24 / 40w, Easily Replaceable


Make it easy to replace or swap out your 3d printer\’s heater cartridge with this JST connector outfitted heater cartridge. The connector also makes it easier to remove the hotend for maintenance or swapping them. You\’ll love this heater cartridge!
Product Description:
Wires 1 Meter:
From the Cartridge wire length-10cm
From the JST Connector wire length-90cm
Choice of 12v40w or 12v40w


Technical Specs
Voltage: 12v Or 24v
Nominal Power: 40w
Resistance: 3.4 – 4.2 Ohm
Barrel Diameter: 5.8mm ~ 6mm
Barrel Length: 19mm ~ 20mm

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 Pack, 2 Pack


12V40W, 24v40w


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