Volcano Silicone Socks Glass Thermistor or PT100


Volcano Silicone Socks 3 Pack

 Your Choice of traditional glass thermistor style of heater block or PT100 


This  Silicone Sock is a perfect way to keep your V6 volcano heater block at a consistent temperature and clean. This will fit genuine V6 Volcano Hotends genuine and Chinese clones. The sock clips right onto the hotend, with no disassembly needed and prevents failed prints from sticking to the heater block or melting over the thermistor wires. Failed prints can lead to major extrusion problems, sometimes full replacements of hotends. These Silicone socks help prevent these possible issues by adding a layer of protection over the Hotend which makes it easier for the filament to fall off the heater block. They can also help insulate the Hotend a bit which helps keep the heat in. This can speed up warm up times and help keep a consistent heat while printing. Three (3) Socks are included in this purchase.


  • Keeps Heater block Clean
  • Insulates hotend
  • Prevents failed prints from destroying hotend
  • Can extend the life of the Heater Block, Thermistor and Heater Cartridge of the Hotend by keeping it cleaner

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Dimension: 0.3 x 3 x 1.6 inchs., Weight: 0.02lbs.

Packages includes 3 Socks either NTC 3950 1% 100K ohm Thermistor Cartridge or Glass Thermistor.

Compatible with genuine or Chinese clone e3d V6 volcano heater blocks.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in
Thermistor Type

Glass Thermistor, PT-100 Thermistor Cartridge


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