Premium Ceramic Heater Cartridge, 12v40w or 24v40w


High Quality Ceramic Heater Cartridge12v or 24v, Prusa  Reprap 3D Printer Hotend

Improve your 3d printer’s heating time with this high quality Ceramic Heater Cartridge for 3d Printers. This cartridge offers quicker heat up timesThe increased number of coils vs standard ceramic heater cartridges provide a more uniform heat distribution and is capable of increased greater constant temperatures of up to 300c. The quality stainless steel casing increases the life of the heater as well as preventing the oxidation of the heater wires at high temperatures.

If you have problems with temperature drops when your 3d printer’s layer fans kick on this cartridge will rectify the issue.

Choice of 12v 40w or 24v 40w




  1. Decrease your hotend heat up times.
  2. Increase the range of temperatures you can achieve.
  3. Longer life of heater cartridge
  4. Higher quality wiring.
  5. Quality stainless steel casing around the ceramic.
  6. 1 Meter wires

Please note that: Temperatures of up to 300c require a thermistor upgrade, as the traditional glass thermistors can not handle the higher temps. A NTC 3950 100K ohm Thermistor or PT100 is required. At these temps PTFE /outgasses/melts/burns. We recommend using an all metal hotend with a titanium heatbreak.

Compatible with:
Most 3d printer hotends
e3d V6 (fantastic for the e3d Volcano)
and many more.

Package includes:
1x Ceramic Heater Cartridge, your choice 12v or 24v.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in

12V40W, 24v40w


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